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I post practially anything you could think of x3
Digital, traditional, adoptables, customs, and just random crap :U

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todd by ghylo

Here you can pay for adopts, commissions, or just donate if your'e feeling generous~

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1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people
4. Add one question of your own.

1. Ven
2. Eo

And here goes the questions:

-A. How old are you?
Ven: 27! 
Eo: 27..

-B. Do you want a hug?
Ven: Umm okay!
Eo: Why tho-

-C. Have any bad habits?
Ven: I tend to be too shy..
Eo: none that I'm aware of.

-D. You a virgin?
Ven: *cough* no *cough*
Eo: Hell no~

-E. Have any kids?
Ven: Nooo
Eo: Nope

-F. Favorite drink?
Ven: I love Coffee!
Eo: Water. ;-;

-G. Killed anyone?
Ven: no...
Ven: We dont talk about that.
Eo: :3

-H. Hate anyone?
Ven: Maybe.
Eo: Yes.

-I. Any secrets?
Eo: Nah

-J. Love anyone?
Ven: Yes <3
Eo: No.
Ven: *glares at Eo*
Eo: IM KIDDING I LOVE YOU BABE.. don hurt me-

-K. What is your job?
Ven: I work at a dollar store..

-L. Favorite season?
Ven: Winter!
Eo: Summer~

-M. Who's your best friend?
Ven: Anti and Dark!
Eo: Ya Anti and Dark

-N. Hobbies?
Ven: umm not really
Eo: I like making coffee. and acting.. what is my life-

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
Ven: Sleep?
Eo: probably gonna sleep too.

-P. What is your eye color?
Ven: Green, blue, and black..
Eo: Black and white.

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
Ven: Good..?
Eo: Depends Lenny chat emote (Reupload) 

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Ven: A puppy!
Eo: *shrug* and we're not getting a puppy..
Ven: :,(

-S. What is your greatest fear?
Ven: The dark.. heights.. alot of things..
Eo: Dissapointing people, oceans, losing ones I love..

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?

: Ya! Ven's short for Vengeance. It's a long story-
Eo: My full name is Eodunn. It's Korean for Dark.

-U. Favorite Holiday?

Ven: Christmas!!
Eo: Valentines Day Lenny chat emote (Reupload) 

-V. Any siblings?
Ven: No?
Eo: um idk.

-W. Where do you live?
Ven: Jack's house..
Eo: I go from Mark's to Jack's-

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
Ven: Yeah..?
Eo: Hell ya.

-Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Ven: .... i dont wanna talk about it...
Eo: Cheating lmao-

-Z. Any last words?
Ven: Last words?? You're gonna kill me or something??
Eo: Beware Of the werecats.
Ven: Eo wtf..
Eo: Don't question it.
Ven: .....

Tagging: no one- if you wanna do it you can XD


TheFancyCactus's Profile Picture
Cactus :>
United States
I have to write a bio? What? Um okay.. so hiiii?.. Some things about me I guess??
•Will do this later (WIP)


Alright I gotta plan. Since I'm not allowed to bring my sketch book with me to use after I finished the horrid state test, BUT I can bring a reading book, I'm going to put index cards in my book as "bookmarks" and just draw on those :,D 
Fricking state tests today. Gonna have a blast :,>


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